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Just like you, I spent years in my High School and College days dissatisfied with the learning process I was taught to use.  I spent a lot of time unhappy and my days of growth and learning seemed to fade away.  Eventually, I created a methodology for training my own memory and creativity.  Not only did I find a vast improvement in the way I learned and created, but I also started to really enjoy the learning process once again.  Now my most important goal and mission is to spread this benefit and system to as many other people as possible.


The training system is compiled from years of research and development.  You will learn the latest techniques in memory, accelerated learning, and intelligence improvement.  The goal is to rewire your brain to learn faster and love learning.


This is where the training system starts to differ from other materials such as courses and books.  You will be given a chance to directly practice the techniques you’ve learned during the course.  You’re going to see a rapid transformation.


The Davinci Mind Training System has seven weeks of practice during six phases.  At the end of each phase you’ll complete an Application Project.  It allows you to directly implement the material into your life and achieve mastery.

What am I going to get? 

How do you know if the Davinci Mind Training System is right for you?  The training system is analogous to a fitness training regimen in that you must be self-disciplined while putting in the work to see the desired results.  I can say with confidence that if you follow through with the training system and the exercises, you will see a massive transformation in your memory and creativity.  If you’re self-motivated, disciplined, and want to reach your fullest potential, then this training system is right for you.  The training system will take you through a seven-week period of learning, application, and mastery.  Here’s what you’re going to get:


  • Premium training workbook for each of the six phases (6 Workbooks – $49.99 Each – $299.94 Total)
  • Interactive online course for each phase of the training system (6 Courses – $197 Value Each – $1,182 Total)
  • Repository of resources to use during your learning and mastery ($49.99 Value)
  • Training Schedule and Accountability Worksheet
  • 20+ Interactive worksheets and documents included in the course and resources ($199.99 Total)
  • Lifetime of updates to the training system
  • Podcast Audio Sessions for each of the six phases (6 Sessions – $99.99 each – $599.94 Total)

The Total value: $2,331.87

This total cost is pennies in comparison to the lifetime value you are going to get from the learned skills and systems during the training.  The faster you’re able to learn, the more you’re able to earn.  The money you are able to make for yourself is a direct result of the value you can provide the world.  Furthermore, you’re able to provide more to the world by learning new skills and knowledge that can help you to serve others and build your business.  So imagine how much more you will be able to accomplish in the future if you can learn faster, and think more creatively.

But that’s not even the best news, you’re not going to have to pay anywhere near $2,000 for this training course.

Are you not sure? 

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