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Introducing Skylar Winepol

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship…

Maybe you’ve been here a while or perhaps you’re brand new.

Well, there are a few things you should know:

First, your marketing and ability to sell is the most important skill to have.

Second, you will have failures, it will stress you, and you will learn every day.

Today I am introducing you to someone who will help you overcome some of these challenges…

Her name is Skylar Winepol.

Skylar is an interesting lady with experience as an entrepreneur in marketing

She also works on her own docu-series focusing on the challenges and impact of the adoption process.

She has stories to tell, and knowledge to provide.  Here’s a sneak peek for what you will get from today’s episode:

How being adopted from Russia affected Skylar’s life and how adoption affects other adoptees.

What her vision for the Adoption Project is and how she’s getting there.

The awareness – acceptance – action formula for making change

The mindset needed for successful entrepreneurship

Why Skylar became an entrepreneur

The importance of learning

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Skylar Madison


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