You’re capable of far more than you could ever imagine.  The goal is to take the creative spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, and see how it can be applied to entrepreneurship and achievement.   Kenny Aronson will bring you interviews with guests who will show you how to do this every week.

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Introducing Dan Hafner

Growth is vital for human satisfaction and achievement.

You can learn all the knowledge and skills you want, but if you don’t learn more about yourself, all that potential knowledge could go to waste.

The theme for today’s episode is personal development.

Our guest’s name is Dan Hafner.  Now Dan is an avid entrepreneur, coach, and self development aficionado.

I know you’ll love the following topics we discussed today:

The power of self development Overcoming any obstacles you’re faced with Moving forward and achieving greatness

Now it’s your turn to take action and apply what you learn.

If you want to learn more about what Dan has been up to, check out the following link:

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