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Introducing Darryll Stinson

Hardship, mistakes, failure, disaster…

These are all ordinary parts of life…

However, they need not hold you back.  You can use these events to fuel your fire of success instead of tie you down.

Today I am joined by a great man named Darryll Stinson.  Darryll knows this truth better than most.  He was a division 1 collegiate athlete on the path to greatness when a career ending injury shattered his dreams.

This led to years of depression, misery, and a close-call with suicide during the darkest years of his life.

Daryll fought through the pain.  He moved on and used his drive and motivation to help athletes overcome similar problems.

We have a great conversation about his experience as an entrepreneur with Second Chance Athletes, life, and athletics.  Hopefully, you guys find inspiration in this episode, and a chance to learn something valuable.

If you want to learn more about Darryll, please check out the following links:


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