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Introducing Muhammad Talha

It’s safe to say social media has changed the world as we know it. We can instantly communicate with anyone in the entire world. Social Media/Internet are also valuable tools which you can use to promote and build your business. Today I am joined by a digital marketing expert named Muhammad Talha Imtiaz.
Muhammad (Talha) specializes in creating powerful content based on human psychology. This is a very important topic to learn if you wish to be persuasive and build and audience. I am very excited to bring you our conversation as it was jam-packed with value. Our interview ran a little over the time I usually let these things go just because I was so intrigued with the conversation and I learned so much. I know you will too.
If you wish to learn more about Muhammad Talha and what he’s up to, check him out on LinkedIn:
Here are the books referenced today:
Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
Contagious – Jonah Berger
Made to Stick – Chip & Dan Heath
The Advertising Effect – Adam Ferrier
Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg


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