Introducing Saleh Mugannahi

Failures, mistakes and loss, these are all things you must face.  How do you turn negative experiences into positive events where you’re able to learn and grow?  I am excited to bring you my conversation with my new friend Saleh Mugannahi.  Saleh has had a long career of self development, learning, and constant growth.
Today we will show you the best ways to make the most out of our situations.  You will learn about how to be successful in your career or business.  You will learn how to become the best version of yourself you could be. 
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What did we talk about today?

It was a real pleasure to speak with Saleh today.  I learned much from his life experiences.  It’s always great to see things from a different perspective.  I hope you guys can also enjoy the concepts discussed today.  Also, I apologize for any audio issues from the recording of this podcast.  

Hi Saleh, why don’t you start by telling us a little about yourself and what you’re up to?

Saleh is originally from the middle east.  He moved to New York city with his parents at a young age where he would spend much of his time working in the family business.  While working at his family’s convenience story, Saleh learned the important lesson of hard work and family ties.  He has progressed through the completion of his accounting degree and now works at a prominent bank.  It’s safe to say Saleh has grown a great deal over the years.  The untimely loss of his father and brother has driven him to become even stronger and strengthen the relationships within his family

How do you turn negative experiences into positive ones?

The key for Saleh to turn negative experiences into positive reasons was the shift in his mindset.  He firmly believes that everything in the world happens for a reason.  Negative experiences will happen to everyone, but what you get out of it depends on your reaction to the event happening. 

What are some of the largest steps in self development you have taken?  

Saleh has had many important experiences and moments during his self-development so far. One important experience was when he moved way from New York City.  Saleh’s perspective is to just jump in and figure things out.  I really love this about him and I believe it’s important for success.  The passing of his father and brother have also been defining moments in his life which have really tested his emotional strength.  During the interview we also talked about his experience at Tony Robbin’s events.  These events sound amazing and I will link them below in this post. 

How can people learn and grow more?

The first thing we discussed was how important it is for you to start your learning and transformation at a young age.  This gives your mind time to expand and compound.  Think about what you can accomplish 1 year from now, 5 years from now, and 10 years from now.  The next important point of discussion is your ability to use all the digital resources you have at your disposal.  There are so many opportunities available for you to learn and grow.  All you need to do is get out there and take these opportunities.  

What resources do you recommend for self development?

Find Master Mind Groups

Visualize Your Goals and Dreams

What are your future ambitions and how do you focus on these?

Saleh’s goal is to teach, coach, and motivate larger groups of people.  One of the key details he is focusing on is the creation of new relationships.  Relationships with people in real life and through online communities and resources.  Another one of his goals is to document his journey and progress as he moves forward.  

What tips can you give for success in business, career, and entrepreneurship?

Saleh’s tip is to be yourself, transparent, and focus on showing up to provide value to the world.  Just handing your resume to employers or potential clients is not enough.  You must attempt to build relationships with people around you.  You are the average of the five people you spend the most time around.  Surround yourself with people you wish to be like and learn from. 

What steps would you recommend taking now for someone who wishes to be successful?

You need to start with creating an intention for the success you wish to achieve.  Next you need to take this intention and turn it into consistent action.  Finally, get involved, build relationships, and expand what’s possible for you and your network.  You will build a skill set which allows you to accomplish your goals and dreams as you move forward. 

What are the biggest opportunities you see today?

There are so many resources available on the internet which you may learn from.  There are also tons of opportunities for you to build businesses and make money online.  You can choose your own path.  I think all it takes is thought and some creativity.  Saleh recommended the following website for me for anyone who wants to figure out how to make more money online: (

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be? 

Saleh’s recommendation is to create your vision right now.  Visualization is one of your brain‘s most important skills and needs.  The sooner you get started with this visualization, the sooner you will change the world and your life.   I really loved talking about this with Saleh as I find it to be a very interesting topic. 

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the content of our interview today.  It was a real pleasure to speak with Saleh today, and I appreciate the opportunity.