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Introducing Anthony Metivier – Magnetic Memory Method

Anthony Metivier is a leading expert in memory techniques and accelerated learning. Anthony is the creator of the Magnetic Memory Method, a 21st method for learning and memory. He has helped thousands of people all over the world to use the memory palace technique to improve their lives.

I am very excited to bring you our interview today. Anthony will show you how to memorize faster, create effective memory palaces, and find success in digital entrepreneurship. Make sure you listen to the whole episode so you don’t miss a second of this valuable information.

If you want to find out more about Anthony and the Magnetic Memory Method, use the following link:

What did we talk about today? 

I am excited to bring you my interview with Anthony Metivier.  We talked at length about memory techniques, memory palaces, and digital entrepreneurship.  I would love to bring you guys more content from Anthony.  His expertise in memory is vast, and I learned much.  Hopefully, you guys learn even more than I did during this interview today.  As usual, listen to the entire podcast episode so you miss nothing.  

Hi Anthony, why don’t you start by telling us a little about yourself and what you’re up to?

Anthony Metivier teaches memory techniques through various mediums.  These mediums include his blog, the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, YouTube, and the Magnetic Memory Method course.  Anthony’s goal is to figure out the ancient secrets of the memory palace technique and use these to improve the lives of people all over the world.  Anthony has helped thousands of people all over the world to discover their hidden memory potential.  He is doing great things in the world, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to change the world into the future. 
Anthony’s journey started during University.  He fought through manic depression throughout his courses where he also had to memorize copious amounts of information.  Times were tough, and Anthony was almost ready to quit.  By coincidence or design, Anthony took up street magic with the ambition of becoming a street magician.  While learning about street magic, Anthony learned to memorize a deck of cards using an ancient technique.  After this, he was never the same.  Anthony applied this powerful skill to his course work and every single other area of his life.  

Why do you think learning and memorizing efficiently is important?

The first step to answering this question is to ask yourself: what are you learning for?  The best reason in most cases, is to give back to something bigger.  Maybe you want to learn the information to build yourself a career, maybe you want to build a business, and maybe you want to help others.  Whatever the case may be, once you have this reason, the ability to learn faster will help you get to the point you want to be in less time.  Anthony told me one of the ancient laws which all great people live by: “Be the best person you could be.”

Is ‘intelligence’ something we are born with, or is it based on our thinking and learning habits?

This was a tangent question I thought would be interesting to discuss with Anthony.  He believes it’s far more important to figure out what you want out of life.  Find your passion and build up the motivation to create a level of competence where you may achieve this goal.  It’s vital to figure out why you want the things you want out of life.  I agree with Anthony in his answer and I love his perspective.  Every person can learn and memorize, these are the only real tools you need to move forward.  Intelligence isn’t an important topic or idea, what’s important is figuring out what you want, and why you want it. 

How can we learn faster?

Anthony is a leading expert on the memory palace technique, so I am happy to share his expertise with you guys.  The ability to learn faster starts with the memory palace technique.  The journey through a familiar location allows you to reduce mental overwhelm in the learning process.  The idea is to interweave different thought patterns and associations together.  For instance, you can pick a specific station in your house such as the table in the dining room.  You can associate different ideas, visualizations, and topics onto this location.  
Association is the most important tool for using the memory palace technique.  We talked about a specific example during the interview which shows you how you may learn names more efficiently.  You can take my name ‘Kenny’ and think about where you may have heard or seen this name before.  The association which I always hear is Kenny from South Park, this is a great example of a powerful association.

Can you expand upon the memory palace technique?

The memory palace has a strange name.  However, the idea behind the technique is simple.  With the technique you will use locations you are familiar with as a mnemonic device for the information you’re learning.  The space you navigate in your mind is location based, so you need not think of the images for the location.  You will navigate along certain stations within these locations in which you may place various visualizations which remind you of the information you wish to memorize.  Doing this accomplishes a few important things. 
First, the memory palace allows you to rehearse information into your long-term memory.  Then, the order of the information lets you conveniently move along and retrieve any of the pieces of information.  There are many methods by which you may place information into a memory palace.  The first step is always to create a visualization or association for the information you’re learning.  I may turn the name Abraham into Abraham Lincoln, the white paint of my car may remind me of the shell of an egg, and the number three may remind me of ‘key’ (association by rhyme). 

How do we create effective memory palaces?

The first step to creating powerful memory palaces is a fundamental understanding of what they are.  After building an understanding, it also helps to draw them out on paper.  This is also something I like to do.  You create a simple top-down view of the location you’re using for the memory palace.  After creating a basic layout of the walls, doors, and any other significant details you can plan a journey.  One of the important keys to remember is to never cross your own path within the memory palace.  Crossing your own path has a tendency to make your mind and memory confused. 
You may create as many memory palaces as you like.  Anthony recommends you to use the alphabet as a basis for creating 26 memory palaces.  Think of locations that start with A, then B, then C, and so on.  Maybe you have a relative or friend who’s name starts with A.  Or there could be a restaurant, park, or any other location which starts with the letter A.  Don’t limit yourself to what’s possible with the memory palace technique.  Start with the foundations, master those, and work your way up.

What are more memory palace tips and techniques to be successful?

Anthony’s number one recommendation is to start with the foundations.  You don’t need fancy tricks for success with the memory palace technique.  Anthony also provided me some extra tips for success with the memory palace technique.  First, start small and take it one sip at a time.  If you try to do too much at once, you stress yourself out.  Second, Anthony recommended me to practice the memory technique on beneficial information.  The application and keeping of this knowledge releases dopamine in the brain which reinforces the habit.  The memory palace technique is powerful.  It‘s a concept I touch on in my content and products I create.  If you want to learn more, check out this blog post from Anthony Metivier:

How do you find success as an online entrepreneur?

Success as an online entrepreneur starts with exploring your levels of competence.  Figure out what special skills and knowledge you have which may benefit others.  Then you need to determine if there’s an actual need for it in the marketplace.  You don’t want to spend weeks, months, or years developing a product which no one wants.  The important thing is you focus on providing immense value to other people.  This value can come in the form of free services/products, content, and support.  Doing this helps you to build an audience, and the coveted email list. 

 How do we create information products which perform well in the market?

Anthony told me the most important thing is to have the skills and knowledge you are delivering to people.  Many people teach courses or provide information products in areas where they have no real expertise.  However, if you are interested in a topic where you aren’t yet an expert, there are things you may do.  Anthony gave me a suggestion where you could document your journey of learning and creation.  One other opportunity is to hire and work with other experts who help you create the product which you provide.  There are many opportunities available today, all it takes is a little creativity and thought to make progress.

 If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be?

The first recommendation Anthony gave me is to start by being quiet in your mind.  Listen to yourself and others.  Next you want to practice learning and memory skills.  However, don’t practice on any old information which won’t benefit you.  you want to practice the techniques on information which will benefit your life.  There’s a world of opportunity and amazing information to learn.  Take the time now to develop the tools and skills needed to encode this information and keep the information in your brain. 
It was a real pleasure to speak with Anthony Metivier today.  I have been following his work on memory palaces for a while.  It’s always great to learn from other people, and I learned much from Anthony.  I hope you guys also gained great value from this episode.  If you have questions for either Anthony or I, let us know.