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Introducing Sanghamitra Dasgupta

Today, I am excited to bring you my interview with my new friend Sanghamitra Dasgupta. She is the author of over 12 books and she has created countless illustrations throughout her life. Sanghamitra is a great role model in that she has been an illustrator for over 25 years, and she is still learning every single day. Constant learning and growth is the key to satisfaction and long-term success in your career.

In today’s episode, we are going to bring you monumental value in our conversation about creativity, life, spirituality, and education. If you want to learn more about Sanghamitra and what she has been up to, please check out the following links:

What did we talk about today?

I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Sanghamitra.  It was great to have the opportunity to meet and learn from her.  The biggest thing I took away from the interview is that even after 26 years as an illustrator, she is still learning every day.  I think that’s really inspiring and it really shows that if you’re learning and growing every single day, it’s hard to become bored.  I hope you enjoy the contents of this episode, and as usual, make sure you listen to the audio to make sure you get the most out of this episode.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re up to in this huge world?

Sanghamitra has been an illustrator for over 26 years.  She has earned two masters degrees and has created work for many magazines and publishers.  She has also released her own vlog and youtube channel.  Her goals for these mediums include providing massive value to people all over the world in the form of inspiration and motivation.

How important is creativity to you?

One of the most interesting things I found is that Sanghamitra started her creative drawing and illustration career at such a young age.  Creativity and art have been some of the most important parts of her life ever since she was just five years old.  Creativity allows you to create new ideas which the world has never been seen before.  It’s seeing life in objects which you would never normally find that quality.

What are some tips you can give for people who want to be more creative?

The first thing we talked about is simply meeting new people whether it’s online or in person.  Then you may observe what they’re doing, and see what you can learn from these observations.  One of the things Sanghamitra practices every morning is observing different illustrations from different artists.  Learning every day from the work of others is a very powerful way to stay focused, motivated, and growing in what’s possible.

How might creativity help people to accomplish more great things in life?

Improved creativity allows people to create inspirational content which may change not just their lives, but many lives around them.  Creativity also helps you to overcome problems in new and unique ways.  It will also help you to think outside of the box while creating new ideas you may have never thought possible before.  Anyone can be creative in life, whether you’re the manager of an office, an engineer, or a scientist, creativity is highly important.

What do you think is the purpose in life?

Sanghamitra told me something which I find to be very inspiring.  Her belief is the purpose of life is to find happiness and spread this happiness to those around us.  There are many great ways to accomplish this, including helping those in need, expressing gratitude, and spending quality time with those who you love.  One of the great things that Sanghamitra does is creating illustrations and books which help children to find inspiration, love, and happiness in their lives.  I certainly agree with her perspective because it’s my belief that we are here for such a short amount of time on the Earth, so we shouldn’t waste time being negative and unhappy.

How can people better find their purpose in life?

To figure out this question for yourself, you have to really take a look at what you’re doing, and whether or not this is going to provide you happiness.  One thing you can do if you’re stuck is to create a list of all the possibilities.  This is something you should spend some time on so you have all the possibilities listed.  After creating this list, you can make a final choice of what you want to focus on, and then you put that choice into action.

What are some things we can do to be more spiritual?

Sanghamitra gave me a few recommendations for this question.  Firstly, she recommended me to make a habit of thankfulness every morning and day.  If you’re religious this means thanking your God.  For some people, it may mean being thankful for life, nature, and the amazing world around us.  I believe gratitude is one of the most important practices, and without it, it becomes too easy to focus on negative aspects of life such as worry and anger.  Another thing you may do is to start helping more people.  There are many poor and homeless people who need assistance.  Personally, I think it’s my duty to become as successful with my business as possible so I may use these resources to do good for people all over the world!

How important has learning and growth been to you?

For Sanghamitra, learning and illustration have been the most important parts of her life.  By learning and working every single day, you get into a routine of continual improvement.  I find this to be particularly interesting because one of the qualities shared by those of greatness is the desire to work every day.  I believe one of the other qualities that fuels this is the continual learning and growth experienced every single day.  So if you’re complacent or bored in your job, it might be that way because you stopped learning and growing from it.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be?

Sanghamitra gave me a few key points to leave you guys with.  First of these is to be creative and learn something new every single day.  Secondly, she recommended you to help someone outside of yourself and your usual circle.  Finally, she gave a recommendation to teachers and educators out there, become good friends with your students.

It was inspiring to speak to Sanghamitra and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with her.  I learned much from our conversation, and I hope you guys learned as much or even more than I did!