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Introducing Terence Young:

Terence is a medical doctor, the author of four books, and an expert in the areas of mindset, overcoming fears, and goal setting. I am very excited to bring you guys my conversation with Terence. In today’s episode, we talk about his latest book: “Foundation Focus Freedom.” And the content found within.

Every great accomplishment you reach in life starts in your mind. If your mind isn’t right, your actions and accomplishments won’t be right. Today we will show you some ways to give yourself a beneficial mindset, overcome fears, and accomplish more of your goals in life.

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What did we talk about today?

Today’s conversation with Terence Young was extremely valuable.  I learned a ton about how we can optimize our mindset, overcome fears, and accomplish our goals faster than ever before.  Make sure to listen to the full version of the audio so you may get the most out the episode.  As usual, here’s a basic overview and summary of the questions we talked about today.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re up to in this world?

Terence Young spends his time practicing medicine, writing books, and building his business.  The latest book he is working on is called “Foundation Focus Freedom.”  Dr. Young specializes in techniques and information used to help people overcome their fears.  I believe this is a great need in the world because so many people are held back from their potential due to their fears and negative beliefs.

How can we start to optimize our mindsets for better success?

Dr. Young related the idea of mindset and the reinvention of mindset to that of rebirth and prenatal care.  I really like this analogy and I believe it definitely holds true.  One key point to remember is the idea of “why.”  You want to always be asking yourself the question why.  Why do you want to do this?  Why do you want to go down this career path?  And why do you want to achieve this dream or goal in your life?

Why is mindset so important?

Mindset is so important because it involves the way you talk to yourself, and this directly affects the actions you take.  If you want to take massive positive actions which move you toward your goals, it all starts in your mind.  Dr. Young talked about his seven-layer methodology for discovering your true ‘Why.’  A success and positivity driven mindset can do a powerful job of driving you toward your goals and delivering a massive value to the world.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you have seen with mindset?

One of the biggest mistakes Dr. Young sees so many people make is their self-belief that they’re not smart enough.  Or sometimes they don’t have the courage to take actions and make a real change in their life.  This fear has a tendency to derail many people from their true goals, dreams, and desires in life.

What are the fears which hold most people back?

Dr. Young divided the fears that the majority of people face into three specific groups.  The first group is the time-based fears where people may think they don’t have enough time or won’t have enough time to accomplish their goals.  The second group is financial based fears where people fear loss and lack of money.  The third group of fears is the fears of lacking understanding where people think they aren’t smart enough or lack the know-how.

What are some tips and techniques we may use to better overcome our fears?

The first recommendation Terence gave me is to bypass your flight or flight response with immediate action.  Of course, you want to dive in with some sort of plan, but the time to execution is the most important point.  For time-based fears, you want to do an audit of your current time, how you spend it, and how you can use it more efficiently.  For monetarily based fears, you first need to realize that there’s no real use in having a fear of money.  Next, you want to learn about sources of OPM to find your ideas (Other People’s Money).  Finally, for understanding based fears, there are many resources you can use to get over this.  Internet resources, courses, and videos are great, and mentors can also go a very long way.

Let’s say someone never takes the time or effort to overcome their fears, what may happen as a result?

Every year, billions of dollars go to the graveyard because they are unused.  These dollars could have been used to fund people’s ideas, dreams, and realities.  Many people refuse to take action on their ideas and dreams out of fear.  One key piece of advice Dr. Young gave me is to focus on the positive aspects of the goals you create, and the actions you take.

How can we create goals which make a positive life impact?

Dr. Young’s reasoning for his goal creation process is the simplification of what he wants to achieve.  One powerful concept he shared with me is the practice of diving your goals into three categories.  You have your social goals which involve your family, friends, and community.  Then you have personal goals which involve your self-development and accomplishments.  Then you have your financial goals which involve your finances, businesses, and also your career.

What advice can you give for staying motivated and accomplishing your goals?

To stay goal focused and actually accomplish your goals, Dr. Young recommended me to create time blocks every day for you to focus on accomplishing what you want.  He talked about the Pomodoro Technique which is a powerful time-management and efficiency technique which I would also highly recommend.  To stay motivated, Terence has some morning rituals and affirmations which help him to have clarity for what he wants to accomplish and achieve.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be?

Dr. Young left you guys with a question to start asking yourself: “If you were able to achieve the dreams and goals you have, how would life look for you?”  This is a great way to make sure you’re on the right path in life.  He also left you guys with an extra piece of advice.  Despite any fears or worries you may have, try to take at least one action every single day which drives you forward.  This helps to reprogram your mind and take you into a new positive state of mind which will benefit you greatly.