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Introducing Catherine Delcin

Adversity and persistence, two important keys required for great success. Today I am excited to bring you my interview with my new friend Catherine Delcin who knows these keys better than most. Catherine was born in Haiti, she has overcome struggles and challenges throughout her life where she is now doing many great things.

Catherine is an attorney and an entrepreneur with many ambitious goals. She is an accomplished author and public speaker. Catherine spends her time running the Delcin Consulting Group, the Entrepreneur Initiative, and the Entrepreneurship Movement. Our conversation today was jam-packed with value where I learned a ton. I know you will learn even more from this interview than I did!

If you want to learn more about Catherine and her projects, check out the links below:

What did we talk about today?

I had a very interesting conversation with Catherine today, and I certainly learned a lot.  I know for a fact, you guys will gain a great deal of value and knowledge from our conversation today.  Catherine is a true inspiration to speak to and learn from, I know she’s going to go great things in the future with her projects and goals.  Make sure you listen to the full audio for the podcast episode today.  And on a side note, I am using some more techniques and tools to hopefully deliver better podcast audio quality, so let me know how it sounds.


Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you’re doing, and what your goals are in this huge world? 

Catherine was born in Haiti as the second of seven children.  She has always been amazed by the opportunities available in the world around her.  Catherine worked through years of law school to open her own consulting firm.  Now she also runs a number of other projects such as the entrepreneur initiative, a television show focusing on the know-how of business and entrepreneurial activity.

What are your biggest pieces of advice for people who may be going through struggle?

There are two groups of people who go through the struggle.  There are those with a fixed mindset who will remain stuck and unhappy.  Then there are those with a growth mindset who will learn and dig themselves out of whatever hole they’re in.  It’s important to remember that every single person on the planet goes through some sort of struggle.  Catherine recommends us to remember the fact that struggle is temporary.  Think about the future and what you can do to build a better life/self.

Where do you think the motivation for our goals and drive comes from?

Catherine’s motivation and perspective on the topic derives from belief in a higher power.  Whether it’s the universe, nature, or God, this belief helps you to have faith in reality and yourself.  This belief mixed with your desired goals, and the law of action, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  Faith allows you to persist through any struggles you may face in the journey of achieving your goals.

How important do you believe self-development and learning are?

Your learning and self-development are critical because, without it, you don’t grow.  Especially for entrepreneurs or anyone with huge goals, you have to make sure you are learning every single day.  The growth and learning you experience allow you to develop new skills and knowledge you can bring to yourself and the marketplace.  Catherine gave me an idea which I thought to be extremely interesting.  The idea is to create a learning roadmap, where you map out where you want to be and what you want to learn throughout your life.

How can we accomplish more?

Catherine advised me to remember that great things and accomplishments require sacrifice.  If you can give up just one thing per day, you can make a lot of headway in your goals.  For instance, if you spend three hours per day watching television, make a note to yourself to sacrifice half of that time so you can work on the pursuit of your goals.  Maybe you need to sacrifice some sleep or other leisure time.  Whatever the case, just remember that great things require great sacrifice.

What’s your biggest goal right now, and how do you manage it?

Catherine is a very ambitious woman who sets high amazing goals.  I truly respect this and I think it is one of the key defining qualities of highly successful and productive people.  Her goal is to turn her show, the Entrepreneur Initiative, into multiple channels of distribution.  I love her idea and the value it provides anyone who watches it.  I believe that with her belief, faith, and continued persistence, the Entrepreneur Initiative is going to be something great.

What advice would you give to any students or young adults out there?

Catherine advises people who fall into this category to focus on service.  How can you be of service to other people, other businesses, and other communities?  By focusing on this, you can ensure yourself that you’re on a path to eventual success.  For instance, when you are trying to pick a university degree or a skill to learn, think to yourself: “how can I be of service with this degree or skill?”

What’s the most important lesson you have learned?

The most important lesson Catherine has learned has been that of patience.  Good things come to those who wait, and setbacks do happen in time.  You might not be where you want to be yet, but if you’re patient and focused, you can ensure that you’re growing and getting closer to where you want to be.  She gave me an interesting idea which is the concept of impact goals.  Instead of just quantifying the goals you set, you can ask yourself, what impact did the progress and actions I took make on the world?

Where do you think the future for entrepreneurship, society, and the world are headed?

The marketplace and world are changing.  It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is becoming glorified with the images of stacks of cash and the apparent rampant Lamborghinis.  This picture of the landscape is going to attract many more entrepreneurs as time goes on.  However, many people don’t truly understand the sacrifice and dedication which success and more importantly, continued success takes.  The life of an entrepreneur is 24/7 where you’re turning your ideas into a reality to bring positive change in the world.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be? 

Catherine gave one powerful piece of advice, and it goes along these lines.  You are enough, you need to believe in yourself as all great things start with your mind.  This paired with actionable steps and movements will ensure you’re on the correct path.  One recommendation I gave to listeners at this point of the show, was the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  This is a powerful book I would recommend to anyone out there who would like to accomplish great things.