Introducing Kenny Barnwell

There’s a whole wide world of opportunity out there.  But some industries and businesses are more competitive than others.  One of these competitive industries is the music industry.  And today, I’m very excited to bring you guys my conversation with my new friend, Kenny Barnwell.  Kenny is the author of two books, in the music career business.  He is passionate about self-development, the music technology industry, and he also shares the same name as me!

What did we talk about today?

Kenny and I had a content-rich conversation about the music industry, opportunity, and self-development.  If you’re interested in any of these topics, I think you’ll find a ton of value in today’s episode.  Here’s a quick overview of all the questions we talked about in today’s episode.

Hey Kenny, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, who you are, and what you’re doing in this huge world?

Kenny was born in Georgia to deaf parents who encouraged him to go to church and develop an early love for music.  As Kenny grew older, he looked at alternative tracks and different opportunities in the world.  One opportunity which has always called out to him was the Music Industry.  Kenny has worked as a music and guitar tech for many years.  He has traveled the world and met many unique individuals in his travels.

What are the best and worst parts about working in a competitive industry like the music industry?

Kenny told me the best part about working in such a large industry is the enormous opportunity which is available.  Some people may be able to build fortunes and a life they always wanted to live.  But the downside is that everything in the industry is relationship based.  If you don’t know or build the right relationships with the right people, it can be difficult to make any headway.  This means your social skills are extremely important if you wish to be successful in the music industry, and any industry really.

For anyone who wants to be a part of a ‘competitive’ industry, what advice would you give?

For this question, Kenny recommended people to wait on choosing your path until you put enough thought into the step.  There are so many amazing opportunities in the world, and many people just haven’t tried enough things.  You also have the option of taking specialized training to try different fields, and see if this is something you may want to do.

How do you stay motivated and driven to move forward?

Kenny’s answer to this question was pretty simple.  Always be asking yourself the why question.  Why did you choose this career path?  Why are you enjoying it?  Why do you want to keep doing this?

Do you think the mindset has been important for the work you have done?

Mindset is extremely important because you’re going to have good days and bad days.  We talked about Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within Event.  Kenny said this event was a fantastic experience and very important for his life.  Mindset allows you to express gratitude even in rough times, and it really helps you to stay focused on the goals you wish to achieve.

For anyone who is interested in self-development, how can they start to reach a higher potential?

Kenny recommended for you to just start digesting information which is going to help you out.  This can be in the form of podcasts, books, seminars, and classes.  There are two important pieces to this equation, the first of these is the information, and the second are the actions you take where you implement the information into your life and business.

After years in the music-tech industry, what’s the most important lesson you have learned?

There are so many unique individuals all over the world.  But every one of these individuals is going to have good days, bad days, and they are going to make mistakes.  Forgiveness is an important skill and practice to maintain these relationships and stay happy in the world.

As an author of two books, what advice do you have for any want-to-be authors?

There are many resources available for figuring out how to structure and create your books.  Self Publishing is a viable option nowadays with the internet and all your available options.  Upwork freelancers can help you to finish your project with the skills you may be lacking in.  Freelancers can help you with graphics, editing, and content creation.

What’s the key to creating a long lasting career?

Kenny told me the biggest key to a long-term career is your authenticity.  If you’re authentic in the value and business you provide, customers and your network are going to see this.  Focus on your long-term goals and visions for your life.  Capitalize on your strengths and the value you want to provide the world.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be? 

Kenny recommended that you take the first step in making a massive change.  This first step is to decide what you really want to do, and what you really want to get from life.  This should be a real decision for your goals, and you have to realize you are capable of far more than you could ever imagine.  Implement everything you currently know and the future information you learn.


This was a very enjoyable episode to record, and I greatly appreciate Kenny coming onto the show.  I hope you guys found as much value in it as I did, and make sure you listen to the audio so you don’t miss any information at all.