Introducing Carla E. Campos and the Power of Creativity

Creativity is the foundation upon which great ideas are build and lives are changed. Throughout the world, many people will label themselves as “not creative,” but is this really true? Carla E. Campos is a city office manager by day and a creative warrior by night. Her goal is to show people everywhere they have the capability to achieve their creative dreams.

I am happy to say that earlier this week, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Carla on this episode of the podcast. If you ever find yourself in a creative block, I think this episode will be a great help to you. You’re going to learn about the power of creativity, and some powerful habits you can start practicing to train your creativity.

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What did we talk about today?

Here’s a basic overview of the content me and Carla talked about today.  It was a great pleasure to speak to her, and I hope you guys found much value in the content of the episode.

Hi Carla, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, what you’re doing, and what your dreams are?

Carla spends her time both as an office manager in New York and also as a creative entrepreneur.  After graduating from school with a degree in animation, she went down the path of office work and is now looking to get back to her creative goals.  Carla’s goal is to help people overcome their creative blocks.  By doing this they may have a much easier time achieving their dreams and creative goals.  Imagination and creativity are extremely important topics for the Davinci Mindset Podcast because your creative potential is an essential part of the brain.

What place do you think creativity has in higher achievement and accomplishing your dreams?

Creativity is important to higher achievement because it allows you to easily achieve out of the box thinking.  Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the ability to create new ideas is going to be vital.  I doubt that there’s a single person on the planet who wouldn’t benefit from enhanced creativity.

Do you have any routines or daily rituals you use to foster and train your creativity?

One important piece of information I got from Carla is her perspective on how she views herself.  She is always working on herself and says she is a constant Work in Progress.  I believe this is a great perspective to have because it ensures you are constantly learning and growing as a person.  The other recommendation she gave me is the idea of morning pages.  This is the same idea talked about in a previous episode of the podcast where I interviewed Amanda Hoffman.  The idea is after you wake up, you immediately fill 2-3 pages of all the thoughts and ideas flowing through your mind.

Why do you think some people label themselves as ‘not creative?’

People tend to have two visions of people who are creative.  The first vision is the idea that every person who is creative is a ‘Picasso’ type.  This means that they are highly artistic, and are always creating physical beauty.  The second vision is that of the starving artist.  Many people who attempt their creative pursuits end up doing so in a manner that causes them to sometimes live in poverty.  But it’s important to realize this doesn’t need to be the reality if you want to achieve your creative pursuits.

Were you ever taught to incorporate creative thinking processes during your learning in school?

Carla was never taught to directly implement creativity in her memory or learning, but I thought her perspective of her education was interesting.  She always got the most out of projects that were assigned to her where she was always able to see things from interesting perspectives.  Carla has always been a naturally curious person throughout schooling, and I think this is great because the learning process always starts with curiosity and questioning.

How can people get started in achieving their creative dreams?

Making a massive change in your life where you start going for your creative dreams can be pretty daunting.  But Carla laid out a convenient four-step process for me I think will be very valuable for all of us.  The process starts with writing what your creative dreams and ideas are.  You want to write out as many ideas as possible.  After doing this you move to the next step where you pick out the three which stick out to you the most.  Next, you want to pick a time where you promise yourself you will practice and train every single day.  Finally, you just start practicing at this time every single day, and over time, this 15 minutes of concentrated practice will really add up.  ( Learn More Here: )

In what way do you think business owners could possibly mix their business with artistic creativity?

Carla says to start by exercising your creativity by practicing other creative skills.  The ability to play an instrument, write or do any creative task can have many unforeseen benefits for your business.  Training your creativity also helps you to overtime generate new ideas and think outside the box.

How have you handled your entrepreneurship journey so far?

Carla has really enjoyed her entrepreneurship journey so far.  Like any other entrepreneur out there, she experiences many ups and downs.  One piece of advice that both of us agreed on is the importance for time management for professionals and entrepreneurs.  It’s extremely important for you to manage your time, and get the most out of the limited hours you have each and every day.

If you could only leave the listeners with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be?

Carla’s advice for this question was to always look forward and start doing morning pages every day after you wake up.  This can really help to start getting the ideas in your mind flowing.  I have found that over time, keeping a journal allows you to create a feedback loop of constant improvement.  Adding this habit to your morning routine can have many great benefits for your life.


I really enjoyed having Carla on the podcast today, and I hope you guys did as well.  Creativity is an essential part of the human brain and our experience of living.  So it was great to talk to her today and spend some time focusing on the power of creativity and how we can get more out of it.  We are always looking for more guests to have on the show, so if you or someone you know is interested, then send us a message today.