Introducing Ricky Shetty

Imagine if you could travel the world and live the life you always dreamed of. You could learn anything, do anything, and experience anything you can think of. With the internet and other emerging technologies today, it’s becoming increasingly possible to do just this. You can become what’s called a digital nomad and work or live anywhere in the world.

But this can also be a big change or idea for many people. It’s, for this reason, it can be helpful to get some insight and tips from an expert on the topic. Well, today I got to do just that when I interviewed my new friend Ricky Shetty. Ricky is the creator of the Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast and his blog Daddy Blogger. Over the past one and a half years he has created over 500 episodes. If you want to learn about being a digital nomad, Ricky is certainly the expert to go to.

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What did we talk about today?

It was a great pleasure to speak to Ricky on my podcast.  I certainly learned a lot during our conversation and I hope you guys do as well.  We covered much material today, so if you want to learn more about becoming a digital nomad I would highly recommend checking out his podcast and his products.  Without any further ado, here is a quick overview of the questions and topics we covered on today’s episode of the Davinci Mindset Podcast.

Can you start off by telling us who you are, what you do, and what your dreams are?

Ricky was born in Canada and lived much of his life trying to go for the standard ‘American Dream.’  But around the time of 2016, he realized this wasn’t really for him, and Ricky set out to travel the world nomad style.  His goal now is to be the first family in the world to travel to every single country.  He runs online businesses to create income while traveling, and he also runs the Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast.  I’ll have to say I really admire Ricky’s hustle and he serves as inspiration for things I would love to do in the future.

What do you think the biggest misconception with being a digital nomad is?

Many people believe that travel is expensive, but there are many ways you can cut costs and make it doable.  If you want to save up for a trip, little expenses add up greatly over time.  Another large misconception is people believe traveling and trips are all great and good.  But every great thing in life has drawbacks and negative effects.  It’s just important that all these negative and positive experiences provide you with a valuable opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

For someone who is used to a ‘normal’ style of work, how could they start turning into a digital nomad?

If you’re interested in this lifestyle, one of the best things you can start to do is build a side hustle.  Find something your passionate or skilled at, and see what value you can provide the marketplace.  The most important thing to do is constantly be taking action.  Ricky made a great analogy in that you should always be ‘failing forward.’  Failure has a largely negative connotation, especially in the United States, but it provides a great opportunity to learn and grow.

For those who want to learn or grow as a person quickly, do you think becoming a digital nomad is beneficial?

Ricky told me that travel is one of the best learning and growth experiences in your lifetime.  You’re able to see different cultures, languages, locations, and walks of life.  All these pieces come together to really expand your mindset of what you thought possible.  One of the greatest benefits Ricky has seen from his travels has been seeing the different family structures and cultures of the world.  Travel is one of my big goals for the future, and I certainly look forward to seeing these great benefits as well.

What can we do to learn more and hopefully get more out of our trips?

Ricky recommends for people to try to fit in and learn from the culture and be a traveler instead of a tourist.  Learn the language, mannerisms, and clothing of the local people.  You can use tools such as to meet new people and find cool things to do.  I really like this point because by learning the new language and culture of the location, you really make many new neural connections and grow rapidly as a person.

Where would you recommend new digital nomads to go if they are looking for growth and experience?

If you’re a beginner traveler, Ricky recommends you go to some simple locations to start so you can begin exercising your ‘travel muscle.’  Places such as England, Scotland, Wales, and the Phillipenes are great because of the high English speaking population.  It’s just important to factor in what you enjoy doing and your budget for traveling as well.  Places such as Southeast Asia are cheaper to travel to, but you have to adjust to the radically different culture and languages of the countries.

How important do you think the ability to learn quickly is to make money online and build a business?

The ability to learn quickly and leverage the tools you have available to you is extremely important.  You should always be trying new things, failing, and learning from those mistakes you make.  There are so many digital products and services you can use to help in your amazing journey.  You can also find mentors to learn from in their books, podcasts, or direct conversations.  If you want to build an online business, it’s also very important to build authority from third party sources.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be?

Ricky recommends that for those traveling, it’s not all about you.  Try to think about how you can help other people as well.  Volunteering is a great way to find a sense of satisfaction and purpose from your life and travels.  And I believe this is great because finding your purpose in life is extremely important, and volunteering in other countries is certainly something I plan on doing in the future.

Ricky’s Recommendations for Learning Languages

Learning a new language is a great way to exercise and improve the functioning of your amazing brain.  Here are some great tips Ricky gave me for learning a new language:

  • Immerse yourself in the language.  (Live in the country or find home-stays you can do)
  • Watch movies in the native language
  • Find one on one tutors online who can help you learn