Introducing Amanda Hoffman

Life tends to be a journey of ups and downs.  Some people are met with more struggle and hardship than others.  However, with the right mindset, there are some people who can turn this hardship into an advantage while serving as an inspiration to others.  This week I had the privilege of interviewing my new friend Amanda Hoffman.  Amanda is a perfect example of this idea.  Being kicked out of her parent’s house at 13, she was forced to bounce between houses, and even live on the streets for some time.  But Amanda didn’t let this stop her.  After years of growth, adversity, and learning, she has grown two businesses and she aims to help millions of other women to break through their problems and create a better life.


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What did we talk about today?

I was very excited by my conversation with Amanda and I definitely learned a lot.  I truly believe that anyone else who listens to this episode will be inspired, while also learning much.  For anyone who is encountering a difficult situation, or also anyone who is looking to build a business or better life, then there is something great for you in this interview.

Part One of the Interview

Can you tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and maybe what your dreams are?

Amanda has been an avid learner her entire life.  She has always tried to grow as a person, even in difficult times.  At the age of thirteen, she was thrown out of her parent’s house and forced to toughen up and live on the road.  After speaking with her I can say she is extremely emotionally intelligent and she serves as a great inspiration to me.  She also loves to learn more about the human brain, efficiency, and how to accomplish more in the little time that we do have.

Why do you think time management and efficiency is so important?

Time is the only true nonrenewable resource we have as humans.  Especially for entrepreneurs and any leaders, it’s extremely important to make due with the time you have.  To compete at the highest level, you really have to be efficient and smart about the actions you take.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people make in time management?

The biggest mistake Amanda believes people tend to make is underestimating the value of their time, and how long things are going to take.  This is something which can be gained from experience, but try to think more about how long something is actually going to take.  Scheduling correct amounts of time needed for each activity is highly important.

How do you think we can make learning more efficient?

One of the best ways to make learning more efficient is to make use of the idle time you have every day.  Maybe you spend a couple hours driving each day.  Great, this is a time you could use to learn from podcasts or audiobooks.  I can say for a fact this is something I have really been doing more of over the last years.  Whenever I’m on a long drive, I love to put in a podcast and listen to it.  You can do this same idea while at the gym and any other activity where you go into autopilot.

Are there any tools you recommend for time management?

There are two important tools/ideas Amanda recommends for time management.  The first tool is calendar blocking.  This really allows you to see how much time you have in a day and everything you could possibly accomplish.  The second recommendation goes along the lines of emphasizing the importance of sleep.  Getting enough sleep every single night is vital to maintaining your health, your memory, and your learning.  If you don’t get the regular sleep you won’t be operating at your maximum potential.  If you are to compete at the highest level, then sleep health is extremely important.

Part Two of the Interview

What are your key elements for building dreams?

One key piece of information I got from this question is the importance of morning routines and recording your thoughts.  Morning pages is a practice where after waking up, you write three pages of the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind.  Writing your goals and dreams helps you to rewire your subconscious, and really control the actions you take every day.

What’s the most important part of streamlining or scaling a business?

Dreambuilding is important not just for individuals, but businesses and entrepreneurs as well.  She recommended me to create a vision board for anything, a goal or a dream, that I want to accomplish.  This clear vision helps to establish a great mindset, and clarity for the dream you want to achieve.  Reaching this potential dream starts with a clear vision of what you want, a great mindset, and finally the actions you need to take.

What has been the biggest learning/education hurdle you have experienced, and how did you get over it?

While experiencing her tough childhood, the biggest learning-hurdle Amanda experienced was during French in her Freshman year.  After being failed in the class, Amanda didn’t let this stop her.  She interrupted her education practices and took matters into her own hands.  At the library, she set out to take her educational career into her own hands and learn all that she could through self-education.  While not wanting to be held back, I really admire her determination and drive while she went through such tough times.

If you could learn anything, what would it be and why?

Amanda had a great point when I asked this question.  She pointed out that we do in fact have the ability to learn anything.  With the widespread use of the internet, we can find courses, information, and free videos everywhere.  But the two things Amanda would like to learn are programming and architecture.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be? 

Amanda’s number one piece of advice for you is to start reading more.  Read more non-fiction books which will help you develop your world perspective, and give you more applicable knowledge.  Even if you don’t like reading, you should still start and at least try to make a new habit out of it.  You can also experiment with listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and other educational material.

One book she recommended to me is “You are a Badass,” which I will totally have to check out.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Amanda today, and I can say with confidence that I learned a ton.  If you have any questions for me or Amanda, then please let me know in the comments below!