Frederick Gonzales – Facebook Analyst – Communications Expert – Brand Builder

Today I am very excited to bring you my conversation and interview with my new friend Frederick Gonzales.   We had a pretty lengthy conversation that spanned several interesting topics.  I really believe you guys will find a lot of value in the content of this episode.  If you want to learn more about what Frederick has been up to, then check out his Instagram page:

What did we talk about today?

Here’s a brief summary of all the questions we talked about today.  If you liked or disliked the style and structure, then please provide any feedback.  I have many more interviews booked over the next month to bring you guys, so I hope you’re ready.

Interview Part One:

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, who you are, and what you’re trying to do in this massive world?

Frederick is an avid public speaker who is working to put together an e-learning program to help people give presentations and communicate better.  At the start of the video creation journey, it can be a little nerve-wracking, but with a little persistence and repetition, it gets easier and more enjoyable.


Do you agree that entrepreneurship is becoming glorified here in the United States, and what do you think it means for the future?

The widespread glorification of entrepreneurship is a double-edged sword.  While the reward can often be great, many people underestimate the struggle and the time it can take.  The world is moving to a place where social skills and emotional intelligence are becoming more important.  Especially in any leadership roles or managerial positions, you really have to be able to bring out the best in everyone.


For any new entrepreneurs or professionals out there, what do you believe the biggest mistake made with branding is? 

You really need to make sure you create a separate brand for yourself and your company.  As a person, you have one image, mission, and voice, but your company has it’s own as well.  Of course, these two can be connected, but you want to make sure they’re both defined.  For instance, Tony Robbins has been a brand for decades, but every product or training he releases has its own brand and image.  You also need to look at your entrepreneurship journey and life career kind of like a mission-impossible story.  There will be ups, downs, good days, and bad days.

How important do you think the ability to learn quickly is for entrepreneurs?

There are two important sides to the ability to learn and grow for anyone.  First is the learning process where you absorb the information.  The second is the application of that knowledge and information you learn.  To be most effective as a person and in your growth, you have to focus on improving both these aspects.  I have to say that I definitely agree with him, and it’s something I’m trying to incorporate more of into my message.

After asking this question we also talked about Frederick’s three-day fast and how it affected him.  I really did find this to be highly interesting, and I will try it out in the future.  If you’re interested in it as well, here’s a link to some more information about fasting and its benefits:

Nootropics – How and why to survive a three-day fast

Interview Part Two:

Why do you think most people have difficulties in giving presentations or public speaking?

Frederick says the biggest thing that holds people back is the environment and their perspective of that environment.  In the past, humans have been used to going into a defensive panic mode when encountering danger such as a bear chasing you.  Many people encounter this same fear when you see a bunch of eyes staring up at you in front of the podium or an auditorium.  You need to learn to get over this fear and let your mind control your anxieties and fears instead of letting them control you.

For any content creators out there, how do you think they can create more engaging content for themselves and their brands?

The answer to this question really depends on who’s asking.  For an established brand, Frederick recommends creating long-form pieces of content and dividing that up for use.  For instance, a one-hour interview can be broken up into many clips for Instagram.  Quotes can also be taken for posts and tweets.  For starting brands or personalities, Frederick recommends finding the topic or mission that really gets you juiced.  Then you want to use that energy to create powerful pieces of content on all the platforms you use.

As a sort of insider, how do you think Facebook can be best leveraged for businesses and entrepreneurs?

Frederick told me that this depends really on the business that’s using the Facebook platform.  Facebook allows you to create business pages and platforms so you can run ads.  In terms of what content and advertisements work best, he recommends the jab-jab-right hook mode of thinking.  This is where you consistently provide the people with a massive value over a period of time and then ask them to buy something.

Do you believe personal growth and rapid learning is vital to being a good leader in the world?

Frederick says these skills are highly important, but he believes there is something even greater.  The ability to provide clarity to those you work with is vital.  You must be confident in your mission, and what needs to get done.  When someone needs to get something done, don’t just say try your hardest.  Give them actionable pieces of advice and guidance on how to be better or finish the task at hand.  Especially in massive projects and corporations, there’s typically a lot of chaos.  This is where clarity is most important.

If you could only leave the audience with one piece of actionable advice, what would it be?

Frederick was actually super generous on this question and left you guys with two pieces of actionable advice!  The first piece of advice is to stop watching television and the news.  These pieces of media are called programming for a reason.  Don’t get sucked into the exaggerated claims and hype-filled media that want to suck the time out of your day.

The second piece of advice goes along the following lines: you’re capable of amazing things, you’re strong and powerful, the answers to every question or idea you ever had lie within you.  Sometimes it just takes a little bit of self-digging and discovery to find those answers or ideas.

I really enjoyed having Frederick on the podcast today, and I will certainly have to have him on as a guest again sometime.  Let me know in the comments below what you’re thoughts are for the episode and the questions we discussed!