Davinci Mindset Podcast Interview – Priyanka Nair

Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out this episode of the Davinci Mindset Podcast.  Today I got to have a very interesting conversation with my new friend Priyanka Nair. We discussed very important topics such as education, mindset, learning, and overcoming anxiety. I truly hope you guys find a lot of value in the content of this episode. If you want to check out more from Priyanka, you can follow through to her blog below. 


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I learned much during our conversation today, and it was a pleasure to speak with Priyanka.  There’s a whole wide world of opportunity just waiting for you to jump in and grab it.  Here’s a quick overview of the questions discussed during today’s interview:

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and what your dreams are?

  • Priyanka is an extrovert who has always loved to talk to people, write, and speak.
  • She has spent her life so far constantly learning, growing, and making sure she has a great mindset.
  • Priyanka has earned an MBA in Indian Finance, and she left her day job to take care of her daughter.  She has recently taken up blogging so she can follow her passion for writing.

Have you always been an avid writer? 

  • During her younger years, she kept a diary to keep track of her emotions and ideas.  I think keeping a sort of journal, especially as you get older, is essential to growing as a person and recording your ideas.  Everyone has many ideas throughout the day, and you need to be able to keep track of these ideas and organize them.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

  • Priyanka’s favorite part about blogging is her ability to do it from home while still taking care of her daughter and family.  She started her blog in 2016, and she has already written over 70 articles.  It’s also important to remember that good things take time to develop.  If you want to be successful in business and your dreams, patience is always required.

What common mindset problems do you encounter?

  • It’s important to remember that a good mindset allows you to constantly learn and grow.  Mistakes, blunders, and misfortunes happen to everyone in life.  A positive attitude allows you to learn from these things and grow as a person.  Competing at the highest level requires you to constantly learn and grow every single day.  Would you want to go to a doctor that hasn’t read or learned anything new in the past twenty years?  I for sure wouldn’t.

How can we have an easier time getting over our anxieties?

  • Everyone experiences anxiety.  The most beneficial practice you can have is always moving forward.  Try to free yourself from any past grudges or beliefs from anxiety or negative experiences.  Don’t let your anxiety control you, instead observe that feeling, and move forward.  Experiencing the unknown and the accompanied fear is important for you to grow as a person and accomplish your goals.

During your education in India, did you ever learn how to learn?

  • During Priyanka’s education, achievement and studying was the most important aspect.  But nowadays, there has been a change in attitude in academics, sort of similar to here in the United States.  Parents and teachers are now more accommodating to the dreams of the students.  Instead of being forced into a career as a doctor or engineer, now students are encouraged to follow their dreams.  Memory and learning have an are important to the Indian educational system.  During Priyanka’s educational years, they never really focused on learning how to learn or using memory properly.  But now there are many more opportunities available to learn these skills, and teach your children these valued skills.

How important has learning been to you?

  • Everything you learn and accomplish makes you who you are.  Learning allows you to constantly grow as a person, whether it’s from school, a book, or other people.  Priyanka has spent her lifetime learning from formal education, and her writing career.  Every single day presents a valuable opportunity to learn and grow.

What can people do to stay driven forward in accomplishing their goals and dreams?

  • To stay focused on reaching your goals, it all starts with your mindset.  You need a clear vision of what you want along with a positive mindset for growth.  Especially for mothers out there who are taking care of children, there’s so much opportunity available on the internet you can balance.  It all starts with action and reaction.  Find opportunities in the world, and take actions.  While taking these actions think about what you’re doing, and how you can do it better.

What’s one massive opportunity you see in the world today?

  • Social Media and widespread communications have made it possible for greater awareness of world issues and entrepreneurship.  You have the ability to spread your message to anyone in the world easily and pretty much for free.  There’s a whole wide world of opportunity that you just need to investigate and explore.

What’s one piece of actionable advice you want to leave with the audience? 

  • Every person is unique and has something valuable to offer the world.  If you’re young it may take a little bit of self-discovery, but I can promise you it’s there.  Priyanka advises you to follow your dreams, and do what will make you happy.  Gratitude is one of the most important skills in staying happy and focused.  It can be very helpful to keep a gratitude journal.  In this journal, write down every day something that you’re grateful for after you wake up.


It’s very interesting to speak from people in different cultures from all around the world.  I very much enjoyed speaking with Priyanka today and we will have to have her on the show again.  Let me know what you guys think of the conversation today, and I very much look forward to bringing you guys the next episode!