Introducing Matt Woodrum from Wrestling with Fatherhood

This week I am very excited to bring you guys the first guest on the Davinci Mindset Podcast.  My goal is to bring guests from all over the world in different walks of life.  I want to learn about different perspectives on life, entrepreneurship, mindset, and learning.  My first guest is an amazing gentleman who goes by the name of Matt Woodrum.  As the host of the Wrestling with Fatherhood Podcast, his mission is to instill powerful values to men everywhere about the importance of being a strong father.  Speaking to Matt was a pleasure today, and I look forward to speaking with him in the future and conducting many more guest interviews:

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Questions and Answers from the Davinci Mindset Podcast

With each interview, I want to provide a cliff notes version of some of the content discussed in the interview.  I really hope you guys enjoyed the episode and I will surely bring more in the future.

1. Tell us about yourself, what’s your story, and what do you do?

  • Matt had a rough childhood without a father figure or a solid home.  This led him to eventually become stronger as a person, and create a mission to help other men become better and stronger fathers.

2. As an entrepreneur, how important do you think the mindset has been and will be?

  • Especially as an entrepreneur, mindset is one of your most important tools.  Every person encounters mistakes, challenges, and blunders in life.  Mindset gives you the ability to learn and grow from these unfortunate events instead of harboring guilt and other negative feelings.

3. When you first started your entrepreneurship path was there a large learning curve and what did you do?

  • Having the right mindset is extremely valuable.  This allows you to learn and grow from your mistakes.  Especially in entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of setbacks that will discourage those with poor perspectives.

4. Have you always been a public speaker?

  • Even as a young child, Matt always loved to be around other people.  From an early day, his peers and elders at church said he would be a great preacher.  As Matt grew older he started to speak in prisons and churches providing immense value to those who need it.

5. What’s the most important role for a father to play in the family?

  • The father figure plays a vital role in a child’s life.  Every single action and choice of words have a profound effect on their children.  Every action or extra piece of love you can give your children is vital.  Tell them you love them, and fulfill all their needs for growth and happiness.

6. How can we teach children to be better and happier?

  • Everyone needs a purpose to feel happy in life, and children are no different.  As a father or parent, it’s your duty to fill that purpose and need.  Children also greatly desire growth and curiosity about the world around them.  Foster these needs and pay attention to them

7. What’s the best way to overcome negativity from the past?

  • The most important aspect of overcoming any negativity from the past is forgiveness.  Not just for others, but also for yourself.  If you spend too much time dwelling on the past or what could have been, you become trapped.  Gratitude is also extremely beneficial for remaining happy and finding your purpose in life.  One day a year is not enough to be gracious of what you have.  Practice gratefulness every moment of every day.

8. For any new parents out there, what are some traps young parents fall into?

  • The biggest trap that new parents typically fall into is frustration.  Especially if you have to go at it alone, parenthood is extremely difficult and time-consuming.  Be open to help and support from those in your family and community.  Every single bit helps, and just an extra hour of sleep can allow you to give your children far more attention.

9. How has learning and growth been important to your journey?

  • Growth in mindset and skills has allowed Matt to overcome his rough upbringing and find his purpose.  You can find a sense of purpose in constant growth and learning.  Every new experience and action you take allows you to grow more and more.

10. What’s one actionable piece of advice you would like to leave with all the listeners?

  • Matt’s advice is to find your sense of purpose in your family and life.  Especially for father figures out there who may be lost or confused.  Your role is vital to the wellbeing and upbringing of your children.  Always be mindful about the consequences or benefits of every single action that you take in life.


I very much hope you enjoyed this episode of the Davinci Mindset Podcast.  I will be bringing you more guest interviews in the future, and please let me know of any suggestions you have.  It was a pleasure to speak with Mr. Woodrum today, and I very much look forward to our friendship and speaking again with him in the future.