Leonardo da Vinci’s Principle of Connessione

In today’s video I talked about the last of Leonardo da Vinci’s seven principles.  Connessione is the idea of expressing how everything in life and nature is connected in some way.  This is valuable for creativity, thinking, and quickly learning new subjects or details of a situation or environment.  All you need to do to practice this idea is first, be observant of your surroundings, and second, think about what you already know of in your mind that reminds you of the observation.

Using Association for Memory Training

Association is a very important topic in the practice of memory training.  By practicing connessione you essentially are using the knowledge and ideas you already have, to accelerate your learning.  One of the types of information that the brain loves to process and hold on to, is what it already knows.  If you can relate new information, ideas, or details to what you already know, the learning process is going to be much more natural and efficient.

I hope the idea of connessione is helpful for you, and I hope you can also find value in the seven principles.  If you want to take the idea a step further and start your memory transformation journey, then I have a free gift for you.  I have created a Memory Training Package that I would like to offer you for free.  This package will make it easy and convenient for you to get started, so if you’re interested then please check out the link below!

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