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The Important History of Memory Techniques

Thank you for tuning into the eleventh episode of the Davinci Mindset Podcast. In today’s podcast, I talk about an overview of the long history of memory techniques in our world. There’s a lot to discuss about this subject, so think of it as an introduction to the topic. Furthermore, I believe there’s a lot we can gather from these techniques throughout history that we can apply to our lives.

I firmly believe that the future of humanity depends greatly on how well we understand ourselves. This understanding involves our memories, learning process, and how the brain learns. There’s a lot we still have yet to learn and accomplish with the human brain, and I hope we are just getting started on that journey.  Near the end of this episode, I talk about the impending acceleration of artificial intelligence.  I really believe this will be a crucial turning point for the better or worse in human history.

The next steps for human evolution and existence are for us to further our understanding and improvement of the human brain.  I don’t believe that we have tapped into our full potential, and as a whole, we have room to grow.  Technology can be used to help us achieve this goal, and I look forward to what future projects such as neuralink bring to the table.