Thank you for tuning into the eighth episode of the Davinci Mindset Podcast. In this episode, I start talking about the importance of including emotions in the memories you create. The emotional factor can be the difference between convincing your brain that the story or link you create in your memory is real or fake. Plus emotion also makes the learning and memory process far more exciting and interesting. Let me know how it works out for you, and I wish you all the luck!

The power of emotional memory

By including more of your emotion into the new memories you create, you help to quickly create semantic memories.  The brain sometimes has difficulty separating what’s real and fake, and we can use this to our advantage in the learning process.  It’s much easier for the human brain to focus and learn from stories and emotional events.  That’s why one of the main goals for whole brain thinking and advanced learning systems is to turn new information into a linked story.  Think of it as creating a whole movie or video game within your own imagination.  This is a convenient way to store all the information you learn and make it relevant to your hippocampus.

While creating new memories I like to think about the information from two important emotional perspectives.  The first way I think about the information and visualizations I create is from my point of view.  If I were to be placed in the scenario or faced with the picture I conjure, I simply ask myself how I would feel?  I should note here that negative emotions in the learning process are typically counterproductive.  So for many people, it’s best to incorporate positive or serene emotions into all the visualizations you create.  Even if a scene would be scary or chaotic in real life, add a sense of positivity and serenity to the visualization in your mind.  This can also create a good sense of ironic humor that’s also helpful when trying to learn.

Let me know how it goes for you, and I look forward to providing more future content for you guys.  Over the next few days, I will have the free course I have been working on for you guys ready.  This will be an introductory course with some valuable resources aimed to help you get started.  I’m excited to get the ball rolling soon, and I hope you guys are excited as well!