Thank you for taking the time to tune into this episode of the Davinci Mindset Podcast. In this episode, I talk about the three important parts that make up the first step in developing your mind and memory. I really hope you find them valuable, and let me know of any feedback or questions you have. Finally, I apologize for my coughing spasm in the middle, I wasn’t able to cut it out with Anchor on my desktop.  In other news, I have been busy finishing up the first rendition of the Davinci Mind Training System and I am extremely excited to bring it to the market within the coming months.

You have the ability to change

The most important part of the first step you must take is self-realization.  The fact that you realize your brain has the ability to reshape its structure and improve itself is a powerful piece of knowledge.  I have found that once people realize this, a profound thing happens in their lives.  When someone realizes that they’re not stuck with what they were given and how they are, they gain the ability to do or learn anything they set their mind to.  It all stems from developing an understanding of yourself and how your brain learns and operates.

How associations aide in memory improvement

Association is one of the most powerful tools you have for expanding your learning and memory potential.  The brain learns by relating ideas and connections to each other.  This means that the more connected you can make new ideas and concepts, the more powerful and interesting they become.  This is exactly what Leonardo Da Vinci means in his concept of connessione.  Everything in nature and your life is connected to everything else in some way.  Once you start to realize this and implement it into your life, everything becomes much easier and enjoyable.

How to use whole brain thinking

Whole brain thinking is one of the central ideas here at Davinci Mind.  It’s the idea that the learning process we undergo should involve as much brain power as possible.  The majority of people and students are taught to learn by rote, which is the exact opposite of whole brain thinking.  Whole brain thinking is directly related to association because association is the process by which you implement whole brain thinking into learning.  The more associations you make to a new piece of information you’re learning, the faster and stronger that memory becomes.

Practicing association also has another very powerful side effect on your brain and memory.  When you implement this idea you form new connections between parts of your brain that were never connected before.  Over time this tends to have a profound effect on your creativity and thinking speed.  This has a direct correlation with your intelligence and enjoyment of the learning process that you undergo.  I have linked some more resources you may utilize to begin your self-development journey and whole brain thinking!  I hope this content and episode of the podcast were valuable for you.  Feel free to comment your thoughts below and let me know if you have any questions you want to be answered on the podcast.

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