Thank you kindly for taking the time to watch my video on Leonardo Da Vinci’s important principle of Sfumato.  This is the fourth of Leonardo Da Vinci’s that we have talked about.  This one is very important and special to me so I hope you find some value in the video.  I’ll keep providing content I think is valuable to you guys and please give me any feedback you have or any topics you may want me to cover.  As always feel free to check out the Davinci Mindset Podcast where I will be going more in-depth to various topics related to mind, memory, and self-development.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Sfumato

In the video, I realized I was pronouncing the word wrong, and I apologize for that.  The correct Italian pronunciation is ‘Sfoo-mado.’  The principle of Sfumato is related to mystery and the unknown.  It’s the feeling and reaction you have to something you’re unsure of.  This could be adventuring to a new country, giving your go at a new job, or going on your very first date.   Or the feeling and reaction could be related to a group of scientists about to venture into an unknown space or field of human knowledge.  The principle is further demonstrated when you simply observe the feelings of anxiety and face the unknown.

The most important aspect of this principle is constantly leaving and expanding your comfort zone.  This allows you to be constantly learning, experiencing, and growing as a person.  Everyone faces anxiety or uncertainty with new things in life, but don’t let that be something that stops you from living life.  It’s a powerful way to take control of your mind and life, and life the way that you want to.  So feel free to take that vacation you have always wanted to, and start the business you have dreamed of building.  The unknown and mysterious is where the greatest discoveries and accomplishments are often made.

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