A quick update

Hello, my friends, I hope you’re all doing well today.  I just wanted to share a quick update in this video with you guys. Development of The Davinci Mind Training System has been in full swing and I have made lots of progress in getting it ready.  I want to share more details about the training system with you guys so you have an idea of the value I want to provide.  Firstly, the overall goal of the training system is to gradually transform and rewire the way you think, learn, and memorize.  With that being the main goal, there are also some great side effects you will receive through the training process.  For instance, the training exercises and system greatly help you to improve and understand your creativity.  Another powerful side effect that I have found is a rekindled love for learning and using your mind.

To create the online portion of the course I have been using a content creation platform called Articulate.  This software has allowed me to create an interactive learning experience.  This means that as you are learning the techniques and concepts, you will get a direct chance to put them into practice.  This interactivity is something that has been missing in many online courses I have partaken in so it’s something I want to provide.  But the online course I have been creating is only a small part of the training system.  I have also been using Audacity to create a podcast version of the training system for you to listen to.  Not everyone has the time or desire to sit through an online course, so I want to provide some value to these people as well.  This piece of the course will come in a series of podcasts that you can listen to while working out, driving, and walking.