Lets talk about how to memorize numbers

The memorization of numbers is a pain point that many people are faced with.  That turns out to be a very unfortunate fact because numbers are extremely important to the world we live in.  In a world of constantly changing information and technology, we see numbers everywhere.  As children and teenagers go through the schooling system they are bombarded with many numbers.  Unfortunately the majority of students do not naturally retain numbers easily, and they don’t understand how to do so.

After graduating from High School or College, the majority of students will barely retain any of the numbers they learn and it just gets worse as they get older.  However, it would be far different if they knew how to retain the numbers in their mind.  This fact would allow them to keep the numbers in their memory, and apply them for their lives.  Thankfully the secret is extremely simple and you’re going to learn it here now.  The secret I’m talking about is turning the information you can’t remember into something highly visual, sensual, and fun.

The Major System

The major system is a powerful tool you will use to turn ordinary numbers or sequences of numbers into visual information.  The system is extremely simple to use and I would urge you to give it a try.

  • 0 – s, z, soft c
  • 1  – d , t
  • 2 – n
  • 3 – m
  • 4 – r
  • 5 – l
  • 6 – sh, ch, zh
  • 7 – k, q, hard c
  • 8 – V, f
  • 0 – b, p

Translate the number: 54171

  1. Turn the numbers into the corresponding consonances: l – r – d – c – t
  2. Insert vowels or the letters w, h, and y in between the consonances to create a word.  We can insert the vowel “a” between “l” and “r” to create the word lard.  Then we can insert an “c” between “c” and “t” to make cat. (lard cat)
  3. Visualize the word or words you have created.  In this case I’m visualizing a giant tub of lard within my imagination.   And then a fluffy grey cat comes over and starts eating out of this tub of lard.
  4. Add as much detail and sensory information into your visualization to make it far more memorable.   Imagine the smell of the tub of the lard, the texture of it, and what it tastes like. Then think about how all these sensations might feel or taste to the cat eating the lard.

Why are numbers important?

You cannot deny that in today’s world, numbers are an extremely important topic.  The ability to store and learn numbers easily will be a great help in learning mathematics, keeping measurements, and being a well rounded person.  In the comments below let me know what numbers have been valuable for you to learn in your life!