What is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Curiosita?

In today’s video I talk about the next of Leonardo Da Vinci’s seven principles.  You’ll hopefully remember that they are curiosita, dimonstrazione, sensazione, sfumato, arte/scienza, corporalita, and conessionne.  Specifically we are going to be talking about curiosita today.  Personally I believe that this principle is easily the most important one.  Hopefully by watching the video you start to understand why, and I will talk a little bit more about it here in this quick post.  In the comments let me know if you have any remarks about curiosity and how you might be able to apply it to your life!

Curiosity is the most important of the seven principles because it is connected to every single one.  It is the basis for all learning that we go through, and it keeps you conscientious of the environment you’re in.  Curiosity can come in many forms, but most often it comes in the form of questions.  Questions about your life, the world, yourself, and countless other topics.  It’s the basis for all thinking, and if you stop asking yourself questions each day, then you in turn stop thinking.  That’s why creating constant habits of asking questions will greatly aide your learning process and make you a more well rounded person.

There’s an easy way you can incorporate curiosity into your daily life besides making an effort to ask more questions.  Every morning you want to get out a journal, and write down 100 questions that come to you naturally.  By the time you get to around 75 or 80 you will find yourself moving into a different state of mind.  Hopefully by doing this enough times over a period of a week or a few weeks, you will naturally start to ask more questions about the world around you.  Then you can take this concept a step further and start actually writing about these questions in the notebook!