How do we go about overcoming procrastination?

Procrastination as a result of fear is a massive problem that we all face.  Many people never even take the effort to fix this problem, so by asking the question you have already taken the first step.   There are two parts to the solution I laid out and I really hope you try them out.  There’s a common theme to much of the advice that I give, and that is just how powerful visualization is for solving so many of your issues.

In this episode I also gave insight into social entrepreneurship and some steps you can take to get started.  I can’t comment too in depth to the legality of the business in Europe, but I stand by the advice I gave in the recording.  Network with others who have succeeded in completing in what you’re trying to build.  Focus on learning as much as possible about the venture and how to apply that to your actions.  If you do these two things I’m sure there’s nothing that will stop you from doing whatever you want!