What is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dimonstrazione?

Leonardo Da Vinci had seven important principles that he implemented in his thinking and life.  For the next several videos that I create for YouTube I want to go more in depth to all these principles.  My goal is to firstly supply the basic knowledge for each principle, and then show you different ways to implement them into your life.  By doing this I hope to help you reach your highest potential possible over time.  Just remember that something as fantastic as the change you’re about to receive takes time and effort from your part.

Dimonstrazione is the idea that you should be constantly challenging and validating your viewpoints.  You can do this by attempting to see all perspectives of a situation you are faced with.  Many people fall into the trap of being all too one sided.  For example many people are taught and fall into the belief that failure is the worst thing in the world.  I was also in this group for a long time, and it’s harmful because you become scared to try new things.  Instead of just holding your beliefs and practices in life in a straight line, be adventurous and consider other ideas.

Implementing Dimonstrazione into your self development

The best way to implement dimonstrazione into your life is to always try new things, think in new ways, and consider the alternative.  Many people see only Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest success, but he had even more failures.  To him this was important to his life because it gave him an opportunity to always be learning and trying new things.  If you live your life in the fear of failure, and as a result you never try anything adventurous that you really wanted to do, did you really live?

First start by challenging all the beliefs that you hold about your life and your perspectives.  I think it would be best to start writing in a journal about these topics.  For any belief you have in life, consider the opposite viewpoint.  Think about why people might think that way and for what reason this might be so.  Make sure to do so from an unbiased viewpoint, if you just rant about the opposing belief without any real thought then you have missed the point of dimonstrazione.  You have to see all perspectives from a logical and realistic viewpoint.  Give every sentence, belief, and action a reasoning during your writing.

Finally you can think back to everything you tried in life, when you failed, who mentored who, and what you learned from each situation.  This helps you to get an idea of the types of experiences in which you learn the most from.  You can also make an effort to view pieces of knowledge you learn, or even new skills from different perspectives.  This can help you to see how you may apply it to your own life to achieve your goals.