How can I provide more value?

Unfortunately so many people are so self centered nowadays.  Especially when it comes to your financial well being and what you get out of life.  Too many persons want to take the easy way out, and get more delivered to themselves without giving more to other people.  There’s a famous quote that goes along the lines of ‘Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’  For instance, if you’re looking to increase your income, or get out of that minimum wage job you hate, don’t expect more to be given to you without giving more value to other people.  Instead of looking for handouts or an easy way to fix the problem, I want you to start asking the question: how can I provide more value?

We all know that the living wage for many parts of the country is a large problem.  Corporate owners and business people at times can be highly greedy we all know this.  That’s exactly how franchise models typically work, especially fast food, so get out of them as soon as possible.  However you can not fix the problem of greed with more greed.  Asking for more resources, money, and time in return for the same effort is a form of greed.  You might not like to hear it but it’s true, and hopefully if you take it to heart you will benefit from asking yourself profound questions.  The satisfaction, opportunities, and wealth you create for your life are a result of the value that you provide to other people.  Instead of asking for more money and change without changing what you’re doing, figure out what other type of value you can provide people or your business.

For instance you can figure out ways to service more customers, or sell them products that you believe will truly benefit their lives.  If you’re a career minded person figure out how you can provide more value to the business you’re in and the people you service.  From this you might create new connections that bring the golden opportunity of your lifetime, and you also learn new skills and knowledge that will benefit you.  The wealth you create is a result of how much you help and serve other people in your community and the world around you.  This post might not seem like it’s connected to what I usually talk about on my channel or on my blog, but in the next section I think you will see that it truly is.

Figuring out your intrapersonal intelligence.

The value you can provide to others is a result of the knowledge and skill set you have.  But where exactly does the knowledge and skill set that you have come from?  Well the answer is obvious, it comes from the learning process.  However, there’s a massive problem with that fact in the United States and the world.  99% of people never actually take the time and effort to understand exactly how they learn, and fine tune it in a way that is most beneficial for themselves.  Unfortunately our brains don’t naturally learn and consciously work the best way possible.  If you have poor habits related to learning or you life, your brain will keep doing them forever unless you take the action to change your habits.

Understanding yourself and your intelligence is one of the first steps to changing your life and figuring out the question of how you can provide more value.  With certainty I can say that everyone who is reading this post or watched the video I posted has far more potential to do great things than they can imagine.  No matter how old or young you are, you have the ability to do great things.  Colonel Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken at the young age of 65, there are eleven year olds making over a million dollars a year thanks to eCommerce and the internet.  So just start thinking, learning, and doing!

The first thing you need to do is stop going through your day to day life and routine on autopilot.  Ask yourself questions about what exactly your doing, how you can do it better, and everyday ask yourself these other two questions.  First ask yourself what exactly you learned today, and how you can implement it in your life and career/business.  Secondly ask yourself what you need to learn to achieve the goals and tasks that you want to accomplish.  Maybe you are sick of working your same old job that you have been in for twenty years and you want to start an online business.

Well now you just need to figure out what all you need to learn, and how you’re going to learn it.  The how you’re going to learn part has two sides to it, firstly is how to integrate the knowledge into your brain which 99% of people don’t think about or know.  Then the other part is where you’re going to get the knowledge from.  Education is free nowadays, there are millions of sources for you to use on the internet.  To further wrap this post up, I will link some additional sources that you can use to learn how to learn, what value you can provide, and where to learn the knowledge you need to provide more value.


My YouTube channel for memory training.  

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EDX – Free online courses in programming, engineering, marketing, business, etc

Udemy – Online course platform 

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