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Overcoming Procrastination

The first question answered today comes from dreemsteem: “Are there any tricks we can do to make a choice more desirable? Meaning we know we should take our vitamins, but we don’t feel like it and find ourselves procrastinating.  Is there something we can do to help in this area?”

This is a problem that the majority of people face every single day.  They’re presented with millions of possible choices every day, some better than others.  But more often than not people will chose the option that provides them immediate satisfaction or pleasure.  The number one tip that I can give to overcoming this problem is the power of visualization.  The problem is that your brain doesn’t believe the task you need or are considering doing is going to be beneficial to you.  By visualizing the benefits of whatever you’re doing, you help to overcome this problem .  What you want to do is visualize yourself at a point in time with whatever desired impact or effect whatever you’re trying to do could possible have.

For this example with vitamins, you can visualize yourself being at a peak state of health.  Maybe you have gained or lost weight so that you’re now at a healthy percentage of body fat.  Furthermore maybe now you have a high self image and self esteem.  Imagine the emotion this state of mind and achievement would have for you.  Specifically visualize yourself in this situation and what exactly you would do.  Perhaps with this ideal state of health you can finally go mountain climbing, cycling, or take that vacation you have always wanted to.   Visualization helps your brain to see the benefit certain actions will have, and it also organizes your thoughts, goals, and memories.

Observing the world around you by building your curiosity

The second question for this episode comes from anutu.  The question he asked is: “What else can we do to observe better what is around us, and therefore learn from what we observe.  Especially when it comes to mechanics of nature or the way nature is working.  An example for this could be the lotus effect with lotus leaves.  From this came the invention of the lotus paint and the lotus coating that keeps dirt away from the surface.”

This is a powerful question, and I want to start discussing the answer I provided in the podcast by talking about Leonardo Da Vinci.  Many people claim Da Vinci to be the greatest known genius of human history from what we know.  The reason for this is not that he was given some god given intelligence or memory, the reason for his genius is his curiosity.  It’s no coincidence that Leonardo Da Vinci is also known as the most curious person who ever lived.  Curiosity comes in the form of questions about the world around you, and how it affects you.

If you want to be more curious and observant of the world around you, the simple solution is to start asking more questions.  You can build a habit out of this by forcing yourself to ask certain questions for a period of time, and eventually it will continue to happen naturally without conscious effort.  The way I practice this is by asking myself one hundred questions every morning after waking up.  However I just started this routine a few days ago coincidentally, so I will have to let you guys know how it goes.  But feel free to try it out for yourself as well, you can also use it as a tool to get in a curious state of mind which is useful for reading and learning.


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