A saying that you’ll hear often goes along the lines of: ‘knowledge is power.’  I think this is totally true, but there’s always once piece of the puzzle that’s missing whenever people talk about this topic.  In today’s video I talk about the fact that 99% of people never properly learn how to learn and implement that knowledge into their lives.  If you want to be highly successful and achieve any of your goals, this is an important step for you to take.  Furthermore I think this is a large problem in the United States and the world, and it’s something that I would like to help fix.

I don’t think that the educational system is really going to fix the problem anytime soon, so I think it’s up to people like me and you.  If more people can learn how to learn, then their productivity will massively increase, and from that we can raise people from poverty and improve their lives.  The whole goal of my website and what I’m doing is to bring prosperity to individuals, families, and businesses everywhere.  This can be achieved by understanding yourself, your intelligence, and how much potential that you truly have.

Why should I learn how to learn?

I want to take you through a quick thought exercise to demonstrate the power of learning how to learn.  Imagine that we have a single person, and this person understands that knowledge is power.  They make an effort to continually learn and apply that knowledge to their life to reach their goals.  But now imagine that there are two separate realities in which this person exists.  In the first reality the person goes normally through their life without first learning how to learn.

In the second reality, before starting their long life, this person takes a small amount of time to learn how to learn and apply it to their life.  From this they have a powerful understanding of their intrapersonal intelligence which leads to their memory and creative capabilities.  After ten or twenty years, who is going to have the greater potential knowledge and application of that knowledge to their life?  The answer is that the person who understands their own intelligence and memory is going to retain far more knowledge, and be able to apply that to more facets of their life.

Knowledge is power

This concept is especially powerful if you ever plan on owning your own business or lifestyle.  You will have the ability to adapt to any situation or career choice given enough time.  Time is the only resource that you can’t get enough of.  Learning how to learn and developing your mind allow you to save precious amounts of time, and receive a much higher return on time invested.  Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur or business owner, this ability and process will give you many unseen benefits for your life and happiness.

Memory improvement and training doesn’t just apply to book smart related intelligence or skills.  This knowledge and understanding can be applied to any skill or type of intelligence in the world.  From Muai Thai to learning to play the piano, understanding yourself and your mind will change the way you think, learn, and create.

Do you want to learn more? Then check out this article on Barbara Oakley.  She’s an influential thought leader in the field of memory and learning how to learn.