Visualizations as the first building block in memory development

The Davinci Mind memory training system follows a set number of paths and building blocks.  The whole process is built upon a basis of visualization which I discuss in today’s video.  All advanced memory techniques can be tracked back to visualization capabilities.  However it should be noted that there are some cases where visualization might not be a person’s greatest sense.  If you try using visualization and you find another sense of yours to be far more powerful, then focus on using that.

Any type of information can be translated into some sort of visual picture that’s memorable.  This is typically the first step of any sophisticated memory or advanced learning system.  The first step in your memory development regimen should be to enhance your visualization capabilities, and figure out what types of pictures are highly memorable to you.  Memory training is a process of trial and error, you have to figure out what systems and techniques work best for you.

Redeveloping your creativity

Great minds such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein were so great because of their application of whole brain thinking and learning.  This is where the left and right sides of the brain are highly active and connected during the learning process.  Your creative intelligence and abilities are what enables this to happen, and that’s why imagination is another essential building block of memory systems.

Our training system starts with your creativity as a basis for all other memory development techniques.  Too many people think they are not creative.  However, if you are one of these people, I have fantastic news for you.  Every person has creativity within them as long as they have an existing brain.  For some people it might be hidden deep in your mind and memory, but you can easily dig it out.  The exercise I describe in the video is a great way to start developing and retraining your creativity.

If you can apply your creative intelligence and capabilities to all you other intelligence’s, you will find quick success in your self development.  I went more in depth to this topic in one of my recent videos, so check that out if you want to know more.  Just remember that your intelligence, memory, and habits are extremely malleable.  You just have to understand how to change the actual functioning and operation of your brain.  It’s easy to understand and try, but you have to have dedication and a system that works.  The key is to create new habits that rewire the way your brain works and operates.

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