Welcome to this week’s second video.  My new goal is to provide video content at least every other day.  Therefore I would appreciate any feedback you guys can provide for my content so i can provide the most value as possible.  My main focus is going to be on creating memory training related content.  However that doesn’t mean that I won’t be trying to diversify what I provide as well.  In today’s video I tried something a little different to mix thing up and do some experimentation.

My goal for this video was to provide some unusual advice that I don’t usually hear from memory training experts.  Hopefully you are able to incorporate this principle into your own memory training and research.   Let me know of any feedback you guys have for this video, and next time I promise that I will avoid being distracted by bees and bugs!

Memory training and exercise

There are billions of neurons, and hundreds of trillions of connections between them in your brain.  A significant portion of these neurons are responsible for motor activity, and they are involved in procedural memory for walking.  A common saying in memory training is ‘neurons that fire together, stay together.’  When you use these mental connections while walking, you exercise those connections, and you can take it a step further with memory exercises.

While using memory training exercises while walking, you are using even more of your brain power as opposed to sitting still.  This greatly speeds up the pace at which your brain adapts and physically changes it’s structure.  If you have trouble remembering locations or navigating, this is another powerful exercise you can use.  The exercises tend to force your mind to pay attention to it’s surrounding, and this can help the geospatial center of your hippocampus to develop further.

Taking yourself out of autopilot and using your brain

In the past when I would go on a walk, I would put on some music and my mind would go on autopilot.  If you’re interested in self development, this is typically the last thing you want to do.  Thankfully I don’t do it anymore, and if you have the same problem it’s easy to fix as well.  You take yourself out of autopilot by using memory training exercises while walking or doing any other monotonous activity.  It’s valuable for keeping you in the moment and paying attention to the environment around you.

Let me know what you think about the technique and tip, and I look forward to hearing how it works for you guys.  If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the latest memory training techniques then sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop.  Furthermore if you want to know more about the link between memory training and physical exercise then check out the link below!