Hello everyone, here’s one of our latest videos.  In this video I talk about the most important investment you can make for yourself and your education.  Creating a habit of reading nonfiction books has a massive benefit on many areas of your life.  Benefits for yourself include your very own memory training, your career, and the value you can provide to the world around you.

How reading can help you with memory training

Memory training and development are the central topics for this website.  You may wonder how reading and self education helps with memory training.  The idea is simple, reading nonfiction books helps gives you practice in applying the techniques.  Reading nonfiction books also has another important side effect.  It builds your knowledge base and gives you an expanded network of information to associate new information to.  The learning process and memories can be visualized as neural networks in your brain.  The more connected these networks become, the stronger the memories you create will become.

Association is a powerful tool for us to use during memory training.  Therefore it’s important to keep in mind the following quote: “The more you learn, the faster you learn in the future.”  In addition to creating a powerful knowledge base, reading also gives you a sort of mental training arena for practicing techniques.  It’s one thing to understand and know memory techniques, but applying and creating a habit with them is the most important thing you can do.  There are many ways you can achieve this goal.  The first way is to apply and practice the exercises and training regimens we provide.  The second way is to apply the technqiues to knowledge and resources in your life.  By doing both of these, you will quickly accelerate your memory training and development.

Why is knowledge such an important investment?

Think about all the potential businesses or services you could start.  Some examples could be advertising agencies, personal training services, engineering, medical practice, anything in the world.  But what’s one thing stopping you from pursuing any of these if you couldn’t open one right now?  The common theme is knowledge, and there’s one thing you need to realize now before pursuing any of these fields.  There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from learning the knowledge necessary to build something for yourself and change your life.  Tens of thousands of hours of practice, experience, and rich wisdom go into many of the book available out there for you to read, for just pennies on the dollar.

The power of the written word from the books you read can not be understated.  Benefits of memory training are just one aspect of reading non fiction books every day.  The more you know, the more value you can provide to the world and people in your life.  There’s no limit to the amount of books you can read and learn from.  You need to start by figuring out what you want to try in the world, and become curious enough about it to start learning.

Recommended Books