How to be more productive

In this video I give some practical ways to increase your intelligence and increase your productivity.  This is a problem that many people unfortunately face.  By practicing these simple techniques and habits you will hopefully see a massive benefit in your life.  Hopefully I can answer the question that many people have of how to be more productive in this video for you guys.

Be organized

Organization is the difference between failure and success.  The ability to organize your thoughts, memories, habits, and goals will accelerate your success.  Try to keep a journal of the daily tasks you want to complete and your goals for the next year.  If you want to organize your memories, look into techniques such as the memory palace or linking.

Understand yourself and your learning process

If you’re goal is to learn new topics you want to start by understanding your own learning process.  Unfortunately the majority of people are never taught how to properly learn and use the miracle that is their brain.  This is the problem that we want to fix here at Davinci Mind.  It takes some experimentation and a little bit of rewiring of your brain, but the effects can be profound.

Think smarter not harder

You’ve heard it before, you need to work harder to be successful.  I think that this is ridiculous, the real key to achieving your goals is to work smarter not harder.  This can be done by understanding exactly what you’re currently doing, and thinking creatively about alternate solutions.  Maybe look at alternate methods of learning and making money.  Do some experimentation and research for things you can do to improve your productivity and intelligence.

Start learning and experiencing more

The ability to learn is one of the most valuable skills that we have as humans.  There are a few major problems in this area that people encounter.  The first is that we are never really taught how to use our brains, mainly because many people don’t understand.  Another problem is that people seldom use the capabilities that are dormant in their brains.

By constantly learning and experiencing new things you keep your mind active.  Neural networks in your brain will constantly be maintained and created.  Furthermore, by learning more and more, you make your memory and mind even stronger.